Tini Home comes home.

Posted: April 27, 2012 in Tin Can Tourists, Vintage trailers

It’s out of the shop, hitched up and could be camped in right now, provided one overlooked some small details.  The Tini-Home has lights, blinkers, stop lights, water supply, and brakes that practically slide the new body right off the frame.    A trial run after plugging the trailer plug into the Pontiac wagon quickly revealed that this thing as BRAKES!  I’m going to have to back the adjustment WAY down on the brake controller, the trailer brakes lock the tires right up.  That’s a GOOD problem to have!  It tows very well, although it’s clearly quite a bit heavier than originally built, but doesn’t stress the car at all.  Very nice, and the long, albeit ugly, tongue makes backing it up a breeze for such a short trailer.

I managed to cram the 3/4 mattress we bought from “Mattress Mart” into place, and it fits like a glove.  Pretty comfy too, I might add.  The rest of the interior is pretty much wrapped up, just have to get the mirrors on the wardrobe door,  make a little trim for the door jamb and wax the floor.  It’s pretty cozy looking.  I really like the 12V interior lights, although I managed to touch one of the (halogen) bulbs in the front fixture and it immediately burned out when I lit them up.  Darn.  The right front maker light burned out as well, no doubt I touched that bulb too.  The sink is in, I polished up the rim, it looks like new.   

I can relax a little bit now, and will shut up and let the following pictures tell the story…




































If it wasn’t supposed to get down into the 20’s the next two nights, we’d be camping out in the backyard for Kim’s Birthday.  Well, soon enough.  

that’s all for now from Cool McCool’s Garage, on the edge of the cornfield, where the women are strong, the men are handsome and all the dogs are smarter than yours.


  1. Kim says:

    I need to get busy on those window coverings and finishing the quilt!

  2. ranchwagon says:

    Whoa! You did a heck of a job. You have a real talent and an eye for detail. You deserve a good rest after this masterpiece.

  3. […] * We’ve been following Cool McCool’s vintage travel trailer restoration over the last few weeks and dig the (mostly) finished product. […]

  4. luis salazar says:

    looks great! good job.

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