Tini-Home “To Do” list gets smaller.

Posted: May 5, 2012 in camping, Tin Can Tourists, Vintage trailers

There are lots to do yet, but I checked off some pretty big items on the Tini-Home’s to do list today.  

The most obvious is the now shiney red (no “Rat Rod” comments please!) wheels, as opposed the crusty, spray bomb aluminum painted over dirt wheels before.  I blasted the rims, with the old tires on, yesterday, primed and painted them glossy red.  True, it’s “Krylon” spray lacquer, but they look good.  If I’d been doing them for a Hot Rod, I’d have laid a little more primer on and blocked them out to fill the pits, but hey, it’s a trailer!









The under-bed storage drawer is DONE as well, aside from a couple of coats of varnish on the drawer front.  This of course took WAY longer to make than I’d planned, taking up most of the afternoon. ( Maybe I’m just fussier, not slower?)  It’s on full extension, heavy-duty drawer pulls, and really makes the space under the bed useable storage, instead of a catch-all. 

The pantry doors are also made, and likewise need a couple of coats of polyurethane varnish before they get mounted.  I have yet to make the pantry shelves, but I’ll use the remainder of the 4×8 sheet of 3/4″ Birch ply that the doors and drawer were built from for that.  I thought I’d get the screen door built today as well, but have time to get started on that.  It’s probably good to save that for a day I can devote my full attention to, not having 20 other things to get done. 








We spent a little time a couple of days ago picking out interior decor items and knickknacks from out stash of stuff.  Turns out, we probably don’t need to go “antiqueing” to outfit this little trailer.  We have items from both the Spartans that we aren’t using, that will fill this small trailer right up.  Arie likes it to, and seems right at home as you can see…

The wheel bearings are cleaned and packed, they looked like new, as did the brake drums and shoes.  Must be nobody pulled this thing with the brakes hooked up from day one.  I fixed the leaky rear window, turns out the weep holes in the frame were the primary source, the split in the frames seam was also contributing.  Some butyl tape temporarily “fixed” the weep hole issue, I’ll get some black silicone caulk and fill them next week. 

I did find a problem with the A/C drain set up,  and had to pull the A/C out and rework the drain pan a little.  The biggest issue was that the little A/C unit is designed to operate with about half an inch of water in its base, which, once under way, sloshes about and runs right down onto the bed.  I reluctantly drilled a couple extra holes in the base so it won’t accumulate so much condensate water, reformed the drain pan I’d made, and put it back together after dumping a 16 oz glass of water on the drain pan.  Seems to be the ticket now. 

So, we’re not quite done, but should be able to get all the little stuff (including a couple of runs in the varnish on the wall I missed), and the glaringly white frames of the storage bay doors need a coat of black paint, but it’s completely useable right now.  Let’s go CAMPING!

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