The Wayzless visits the Tini-Home, it’s Extreme RV right at home!

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Tin Can Tourists, Vintage trailers

Our friends Hardy and Terry Evans stopped by today on the maiden voyage of the “Wayzless”.  They’re having a little work done on the running gear of the trailer before the TCT meet in Milford next weekend, I was really glad they stopped by.

This trailer is the replacement for the “Wayzalot”, which was totalled in an accident last spring, along with their International truck.  Luckily, they weren’t seriously hurt, the truck and one-of-a-kind trailer were demolished.  Hardy spent the past year building a replacement, which they call the “Wayzless” because it’s 9 feet shorter.  Just as cool however! 

They’ll be featured on an upcoming episode of “Extreme RV, Hardy reports it was a little un-nerving having a film crew in the shop.  He had to alter his usual work pattern, which involves setting on a stool studying a step in the build for half a day, then cutting something wrong, then doing it over, then drinking a beer.  Hey, you’re not alone Hardy!

Looks like all the hard work and effort has paid off, it’s fantastic, featuring beautiful stained glass (some salvaged from the Wayzalot), a fused glass sink that’s a work of art, and Hardy’s trademark “knob and tube” wiring throughout.  We’re looking forward to seeing more of the trailer next weekend in Milord, and on the Travel Channel as well!

Terry reports that the new F-350 is MUCH more comfortable than the old International “city tractor” they used to tow with.  Comfortable seats, air-conditioning, room for their dogs and gear, and quieter!  Almost makes me want to go shopping for a totalled one ton diesel pickup!

Meanwhile, I got the screen door finished and hung, the pantry doors on, the side trim on, and made a tongue cover that FITS!  The A/C is in for the last time (I hope) and the rear window leak problem fixed.  The list is getting shorter, it’s a  good thing as I’m rapidly running out of time to get this thing finished (or at least finished enough to LOOK finished!)








I have to work the next two days, then over the weekend we have to get as much checked off as we can.   Let’s see, get a battery, mount the storage box on the tongue, find a place for the spare, get the quarter round trim painted and up on the inside, hook up the water, make the sink drain, cabinet door latches, wax the floor, wash the car, pack…

  1. Kim says:

    So sorry I missed them. Darn work anyway!!

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