All work and no play…

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Chris Craft boats, Hot Rod, Tin Can Tourists, Vintage trailers

Here at Cool McCool’s Garage,  when the weather is hot, we go camping.  When we go camping we take as many of our toys as we can.  When we take as many toys as we can, we want to use those toys as much as possible.  When we want to use those toys as much as possible, we need a cocktail, and we head for the fridge.  When we head for the fridge, we end up making ourselves a Gin and tonic, a Vodka tonic, or grabbing a cold beer.  This is what summer is for.  Don’t let your summer go buy without going camping!

Despite the near record heat, we’ve managed to beat it.  The air conditioning in the Spartan keeps it meat locker cold.  So cold in fact, I double dog dare ya to stick yer tongue on the outside of the trailer!

Kimmy Sue, seen here in a rare moment of repose, has been pressed into duty again as a tug, this time towing our new water toy, a wake surf board.  Owing to the vagaries of my ascending aorta, I am now forbidden to participate in high energy, potentially high impact sports such as water skiing, so I’ve had to find alternatives.  Wake boarding SEEMS less stressful, it’s easier to get up on the board, the speeds are slow, and impact with the water should be, and has been, more like a dunking the bone jarring crashes of losing an edge on the ski, or face-plants with a wake board.  I had my bell rung pretty hard a couple of times, and decided that was enough.

The relaxed pose here demonstrates that even old geezers can at least stand up on a surf-board, although I haven’t yet been able to find the sweet spot on the curl and let completely go of the tow rope.  I think we need a couple of fat sacks for ballast, to make the wake a bit bigger.  Untill then, it’s been fun learning to get up, and stand up on the board and simply ride the wake behind the boat as much as I can.  I think I’ll be able to get the hang (if not hang 10) of it.  If the link to You-Tube works, you can watch some exciting video here:

So, back to camp.  The plants are watered here at home, Milo the cat has been fed and watered, the GMC has been washed and ready to roll, to replace the ’36 at camp so we can tow everything home when we leave.  Stay tuned for more!


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