Auction time.

Posted: July 31, 2012 in '36 Roadster, Ford Roadsters

“Hey folks,  here ya go!  It’s cheaper than a box o’ rocks!  Whaddya say now, we’ll start the bidding at $5,000!”

Yes, once again I’ve decided to get annoyed with the general public, give out way too much personal information, risk sellers remorse and phoney bank drafts, scam artists and identity theft and try to sell the ’36.  Maybe I’m getting old and don’t tolerate discomfort as much as I used to, maybe I’ve finally realized I have too much stuff, or maybe I’d like to pay off some bills and set something aside for a rainy day, or maybe I’d like to build something else.  Who really knows?  

Anyway, the car is for sale at eBay, click here:

We’ll see what happens, I’ve set a reserve at less than what I think the car is worth, but more than I spent on it.  We’ve had fun, gotten famous, been stranded, and made some friends.  I guess that’s all you can expect from a car, so it’s time to move on.  We’re only caretakers of things, it’s been pointed out to me, time to move along. 

Bid early and bid often!

  1. Karin says:

    kinda off subject – but do you know if anybody remakes those headlight buckets? They look the same as the ones from the ’36 Diamond T – and ours are completely full of cancer 😦 I love the seats too – something like that might work in the Diamond T too (to save on space since we’re gonna lose floor space from the transmission tunnel) – what do I search for to find seats like those? Love the crumpled leather look of the covers! I friend of ours has some like them in his Austin Healey (bug-eye) –

    • flynbrian48 says:

      Karin, the buckets are similar, but not identical. The ones on my ’48 ARE repop’d, just search for “Guide” headlights for hot-rods. They have the cool little marker lights on top. The ’36 Ford ones turn up pretty often on ebay, nice ones go for around $300+ with lenses and stainless trim rings. I built the seats, but several people make “bomber” style aluminum seats. They’re pretty simple, if you guys have access to a bead roller (or buy one from Harbor Frieght) you can make ’em in a half a day. Mine are more speedster style than bomber style, but I knocked them out in a few hours.

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