I promised not to START another project…

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

…not that I wouldn’t GET one! 

Last weekend a good friend made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, and I’m now the owner of both a ’63 AND a ’64 Buick Riviera.  I haven’t seen ’em, don’t have ’em home, but they’re spoken for.  They’re both complete minus engine/trans, both supposedly fully optioned, rust-free, and come with a truck load of extra trim, bumpers, a pair of doors and other miscellaneous goodies. 

My thought at this time is get them home, sort through the pile, keep what I need to make one really nice one, and sell the rest.  According to my friend, even the “parts” car ’64 would make a good builder.   In order to do this, I’ll borrow a little from my 401K, pay for the Riv’s,  pay off my daily driver, and I’ll be even-Steven’s on the whole deal.  Then, when I sell the ’64 and the left over parts, I’ll have enough to get a good 401 or 425, put it all together,  and we’ll have the perfect garage-mate for the ’59 T’Bird, the ’51 Woody, the ’48 convert, and the roadster.  I see it Lime-Gold, pearl white interior, American 5 spokes, skinny whites, bagged. 

I STILL promise not to start untill the other two are done.

  1. Lon Hammett says:

    Look forward to seeing this project. Riviera’s are too cool.

  2. Kim says:

    This is what happens when I leave you home alone!

  3. 1932371 says:

    Yep! They’re good cars. I’ve seen them and been it them. Love Rivs.

  4. Chester says:

    Man you had me going there for a minute…borrow from your 401-k. BTW you did not mention the Diamond T.

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