A moment of silence, please, for the ’36 Special.

Posted: September 19, 2012 in '36 Roadster, Hot Rod, Rat Rod
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Ladies and gentlemen, a moment of silence please, the ’36 Special has left the building.    The car is now, hopefully, at its new home in Alabama, and we have an empty bay in the garage. 

We met the transporter in Richland last Saturday morning, on our way to Nat’s North, and the Fordillac, seen here being driven by the ONLY other person besides myself ever to get behind the wheel, disappeared into the upper deck of the hauler.   Once the deal was done, I only drove the car twice.  Here, and once to the Gilmore Museum, where I photographed it in front of the new Model A museum. 

Enjoy a few pictures of those two last drives as the car fades into memory.  





























So, that’s it.  I feel strangely liberated seeing it gone.  Some things I’ve wanted to have happen with the rest of the collection can finally get done, and that feels good. 

It was a GREAT ride.

  1. Kim says:

    Good memories.

  2. John B in VB says:

    Sic Transit Gloria…

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