Posted: November 20, 2012 in Potent potables

Here at CMcG, from time to time we find products that enrich, enhance, and generally make life better.  As a public service, we like to share those discoveries with you, gentle reader.  It’s not all blowing our own horn, no sir, we are here to serve!

The latest product to get the Cool McCool’s Garage official endorsement is Junior Johnson’s own “Midnight Moon” Apple Pie ‘shine.   It’s become a “Happy Hour” favorite here, perfect for sipping from a brandy snifter on the deck after a long day in the shop, or relaxing in front of the TV on the couch with some dark chocolate. 

It comes in an authentic Mason style jar, which goes well with almost any decor.  It’s real moonshine, and while it may not have spent any time in the trunk of a souped up ’40 Ford Deluxe Coupe, it’s an “All American” drink.  Sweet, but not as much as say, Southern Comfort, it’s smooth, spicy and velevety, more like B & B. 

Ask for it by name.  Drink responsibly (if you can!), and tell ’em Brian sent ya!

  1. Denny & Dollie says:

    Thanks Brian. Nice to get your posts and important updates…..

    Even if some aren’t as important. Have a great Turkey day up there whether you eat turkey or Balongna.

    Denny & Dollie Sharp—-Model T

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