Here’s your sign.

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Las Vegas, travel

Yeah, I could make that.  During our recent trip to ‘Vegas, Craig and I redeemed ourselves by going with Kim to the Vegas Sign Museum and Graveyard.  Much to our (Craig’s and my) surprise, it was an afternoon well-spent.  Although, I have to say, that our first attempt to go, before it was “officially” open, still ranks as one of the all-time creepiest experiences I can recall.

Now however, they’ve got the display set up, the museum “lobby” (the entrance to a long gone, mid-century motel from the strip, the “La Concha”) set up, and the signs artfully arranged (piled-up?), it really was fun.  And, not scary. 


Hundreds of  mid ’50’s thru ’70’s Vegas landmark signage, in all their cheesy, dilapidated and patina’d glory, up close and personal.  It’s a great little stroll down a past that, even though I wasn’t there in the hey-day, is part of what I though of as really cool as a kid. 


So, here are a few more.  Maybe inspiration for your own garage wall art, or man-cave.  Enjoy…






















  1. It’s a miracle that someone thought to save them instead of demolishing them!

  2. Gary Turnage says:

    Thanks for the pics. LOVE those old signs!

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