I feel lazy.  I slept in, sat around drinking coffee, talked to a friend on the phone, and then wasted about an hour on Facebook.  By that time, it was almost 10:30.  Where does the time go?

In an effort to not totally blow the day off, I went back to the ’47 Spartan, ripped out the smelly old carpet, cleaned all the junk out and swept it out.   All the trash and carpet went on the burn-pile, and the junk went into the Herby Curby.  It looks much better, I even hung the skirts on it.  One of the roof vents had blown off, so I set it back in place, and weighted all three down with some cement patio blocks. 

There, all set for winter, while we decide what to do with it!















After a little lunch and rest, it was out to the shop to lay out the running board trim on the Diamond T.  Drilled and tapped all the holes in the trim, and drilled all the mounting holes in the running boards to attach them.  I got the trim for the right side sanded and polished, which is a time-consuming and dirty job, but the end result looks pretty good.  I still have the three for the left side to do, and all the hood trim, but I got a good start at it.








So, that’s not a bad job for a lazy day.  Now, off to the shower to get the black stuff of my face and hands so we can go to dinner!

  1. j hall says:

    You got more done today than i have since june !!

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