Got an old Hudson? Sell it to me so I can build this…

Posted: December 8, 2012 in Gilmore Car Museum, Hickory Corners Michigan
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100_7344 (1024x768)

Take one big old heavy, stodgy, dull, boring mid to late 20’s sedan, throw away everything that doesn’t need to be there, add some hot rod bits like a GMC 4.71 blower, a pair of brass side draft Zenith carbs, miles of finned aluminum, polished up to Tiffany standards, minimal coachwork drenched in British Racing Green, and this is what you get. 

We had seen this a week ago when visiting, and I didn’t have the camera.  Yesterday went back to walk our dog Ari on the grounds, and I took the camera with me just to take these pictures.  I’m going back with the tripod, my good camera, wide-angle lens and lighting, but these teaser shots should give you an idea why this car makes me lust for a derelict old Hudson, Buick, Packard sedan that nobody else wants.

More details to come, but this car is part of the current featured display in the Heritage Center lobby at the Gilmore Museum here in beautiful Hickory Corners MI,  all one gentlemans private collection of stunning Hudsons, half of them highly customized and hot rodded.  It’s a class act, worth a drive and weekend to visit.

100_7346 (1024x768)100_7351 (1024x768)








100_7358 (1024x768)100_7361 (1024x768)








You’re wondering where the customized Hudson is, aren’t you?  I took some (slightly out of focus, underexposed) pics of one of those too, but there are three more, and they are stunning, tasteful, and as classy as the Brooklands style speedster. 

100_7370 (1024x768)100_7369 (1024x768)








Take a trip to Kalamazoo, spend a day at the Museum and see for yourself.  If these don’t get your blood boiling, make you lust to cut up an old car, you are not a car guy.

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  2. scotty gosson says:

    Thanks for posting these shots Brian. I’m just now getting back on a project I started over 15 years ago: A lakes modified made from a ’27 Rickenbacker. Yes, you can make a hot rod from anything, but nothing’s more satisfying than making one from its polar opposite!


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