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The warm weather (almost 50 today) is supposed to come to a screeching, grinding halt late tonight, as temps tumble into the low teens behind a strong wind, but I’ve been busy while the warm weather held.  Actually, it’s been mild all winter, we’ve only had about an inch of  snow on the ground at any time, so I’ve had lot’s of good weather to work in the shop without building a roaring fire in the wood stove.

While under the T’Bird a week ago, I decided it didn’t need the air-shocks I’d put on when I built it originally.  We occasionally towed the Chris Craft, so they were needed then, but the hitch isn’t going back on, and the shocks came out.  They found a new home under the rear of the Diamond T, after I made a cross-member and brackets on the spring pads to mount them.   The valve stem is below the gas cap on the left rear, easy to get to but unnoticeable otherwise.  I put 60 lbs of air in them, which raised the truck about an inch, then let them down to 30 bs, which should be good.

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Once that was done, the bed floor, a sheet of 3/4″ Cepele ribbon grain marine plywood, was laid back down, screwed down to the bed frame, and the trim replaced.  I have a little work to do to the final fitting of the aluminum trim panels, and some work to drill and tap all the mounting holes for the stainless 1/4 20 machine screws, but it looks good in pictures!

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While it was warm, I figured it’d be smart to put the chains on the GMC, in case we get any snow and I want to plow the driveway.  I figured it’d be much better to do it now, rather than in the cold in a foot of snow, especially the first time.  I was right.  It wasn’t easy, the inside chain kept dropping down between the duals and getting stuck.  Aggravating.   I finally figured out how to roll the chain up onto the tire, and got the latches hooked.  Some tarp straps to snug them up, and I think I’m ready to plow.  It should be unstoppable now.   Of course, I didn’t think to check the gas before I put them on, and it’s below 1/4 tank, so I’ll need to pour it in from cans.

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Pretty gnarly looking, huh?  They’ll need to come off in a couple of weeks, as we’ll need to get another load of pellets for the stove, but I’m ready.  I could have saved a bunch of money, and installation would be easier had I bought single chains, and just pulled one wheel off each side, and run the outside wheel/tire only, but that didn’t occur to me untill I was struggling to get the chains up and over the tires. 

Let it snow!

  1. dnuessle says:

    Thanks for sharing. We all get ready for the winter in our own way. My husband puts bags of sand in the trunk of my Mustang so it might have a hint of controllable traction in the smallest amount of snow. Knowing my obsession with my car he shows appreciation for it by wrapping the bags of sand in clean white trash bags, taping them securely closed, and has built with 2x4s a small frame to keep them from sliding. There is the perfect amount of space left from groceries! PS the bed of the Diamond T looks amazing!

  2. Joe Chasse says:

    DAMN, YOU DO NICE WORK! But then you knew that! Back when I used to chain-up my dooly pickup, I added cross links in the spaces between the original cross link chains, thus avoiding the dreaded HOPHOPHOP when digging in deep stuff. Much smoother ride too! The dually looks good too!

  3. flynbrian48 says:

    Thanks Joe, I like the truck a lot more than I would have thought! It’s kinda fun, in a totally ridiculous way. The chains have staggered cross links, driving it up and down the driveway was surprisingly smooth. I don’t plan on running it on with the chains on unless we get a blizzard and roads are nearly impassable. Illegal here to run chains.

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