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I discovered yesterday afternoon that the (admittedly ancient) CD changer didn’t work.  It wouldn’t load CD’s from the magazine, thus rendering the entire system worthless.  This after spending the better part of 2 days installing it.  It took less time to install the LS engine and 4L60E.  And, they work.

In my usual fashion, I tried to fix it, which resulted in the thing totally not working.  I did figure out what was wrong, which was sort of rewarding.  Turns out, there are two little rollers that grab a CD and pull it out of the magazine onto the disk drive, and these must have been dried up or not “grippy” enough to pull the disks.  It’s old tech anyway, but we have hundreds of CD’s, and I had it, so it was worth a shot.

I “fixed” it today by going to “Best Buy” and getting a new stereo.  It’s satellite ready, has Blue Tooth, a remote, and has three input jacks, and a front input for an I-phone or MP3.   And, it was on sale because the box was damaged.  I’m a sucker for deal. 

Not happy with the aluminum box I’d made for the other receiver, I made a new one from 20 ga. sheet metal, to mount ahead of the seat right behind the shifter.  I managed to get the passenger door panel upholstered and speaker installed.  All the speakers are wired, although the wires need to be loomed, which had to wait of course untill the new radio was installed. 

Now, where to put the antenna?

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  1. Dave Pyatt says:

    You;ve got CDs and MP3s… who needs an antenna? I may go under the dash in the 48 Pontiac and the Yugo… I had a power antenna on the 48, but I don’t think the wiring is all there for it anymore. The Yugo has a weird roof mount like Ford did on the Escorts maybe? where it runs down the front pillar. The mast is broken off of mine and I don’t know if I can get the one out of Jordan’s to use. Just as easy to patch the hole and run a wire under the dash. I have an antenna amplifier, and the head unit I have runs USB or DVD and I hope to have a Raspberry Pi computer running on it too that I can tether to my cell phone for mobile internet radio.

    I wish you lived closer, I could really use your help in your ‘spare time’! Lots of projects going on here when the weather warms up in Ohio!

    DaveP in Ohio

  2. flynbrian48 says:

    Yeah, I’m hesitant to drill a 1″ hole in the cab for the antenna. I’ll see if it’ll work laid up behind the dash. That worked in my ’59 T’Bird.


  3. mopowerdon says:

    Very nice this ride is def coming around me personally I like factory radio for show and a hidden radio to use I am putting a am fm cassette in my z28 and putting a CD player in the glove box that will connect to my iPhone to stream music

  4. flynbrian48 says:

    Don, I’d have hidden it in the glove box, if there was a glove box to hide it in! I have ’48 vintage Crosley radio that actually works that I could hang from the dash, but the whole point was NOT hanging any thing from the dash.

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