Cool McCool gets laid (carpet, that is).

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Diamond T truck, Tin Can Tourists, upholstery, Vintage trucks
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DSC04333 (1024x768)

How’s this for $15.00?  I bought a 6’x9′ piece of outdoor carpet at Home Depot the other day, in a dark tobacco color I thought would compliment the leather interior pretty well.   Turns out, my guess was spot on, it’s perfect.  Not an exact match, just enough contrast to look like it was planned.  And, did I mention it was only $15?

The tricky part was cutting and fitting it to the rather complicated shape of the firewall and footwells, which I modified to fit the big 6.0 LS engine.  It turned out that making the carpet in 4 pieces, each footwell, the center hump, and another down the center of the firewall was the ticket.  I’ll bind the edges of each piece in some matching vinyl I already had, and it’ll be done. 

I have enough carpet left over to cover the seat riser, and should be able tomorrow to ge that done, get the edges bound, the speakers wired up, and listen to some tunes in my leather “man-cave”.  When it’s done, I’m going to take a glass of scotch out, climb in the cab, shut the doors, put a CCR CD in the player,lean back in the leather seat and just inhale deeply…

DSC04326 (1024x768)

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