“Does this make you horney, baby?”

Posted: March 8, 2013 in GMC truck, Hot Rod, Snow plow = money pit, Tin Can Tourists, travel
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DSC04357 (1024x768)In what is probably a complete waste of money and time, I put the steer horns on the GMC today.  You gotta admit, it makes a statement!  Nothing exceeds like excess, as they say… 

I made a (rather flimsy) bracket out of some scrap aluminum diamond plate,  screwed the horns to it, then to the panel behind the grill.  I may have to make a couple of little braces, as the whole thing does flex a little.  For now, it’s cool though, and certainly what little I’ll use it plowing the drive the rest of the winter won’t matter. 

Now, I’m open to any and all suggestions as to how much this thing needs to be “cowboyed up”.  I’m definitely going to put a gun rack in the back window and hang a BB gun from it, and it really needs something to break up all that white on the sides.  Some pinstripe?  Chrome 6-shooter grab handles on the cab?  Chrome horseshoe’s somewhere?  Trucker girl mudflaps?  We looked at full, hair on cowhides at Ikea, but they didn’t have any with any variation in color, or I’d have bought one to upholster the seat in.  Probably just as well…

Now, imagine it without the plow!

DSC04356 (1024x768)DSC04358 (1024x768)








DSC04360 (1024x768)DSC04359 (1024x768)

  1. Bubba says:

    I think that you should consider hand painted/letters on the hood, doors and box for the very exciting
    McCool’s Garage and Pool Parlour. Just think of all the 5 word slogans you can use with nuts, balls and maybe even horny … well, you get the idea. What could a person do with “McCOOL’s Garage and Plow” I am not sure how it is where you are, but here where I am, absolutely nobody is in the Summer Plowing business. Opportunities abound …

  2. BB guns sounds like fun but it may still be considered a “firearm”. Check with a LEO first just so you don’t visit the pokey.

  3. flynbrian48 says:

    They’ll take my BB gun when they peel my cold, dead fingers… LOL, I’ll have to change my thoughts on gun control, right Brian? Actually, having “Cool McCool’s Garage” on the doors is a pretty cool idea, I’ll have to get some artwork done.

  4. Jim Baurs says:

    You must lay awake nights with your mind jumping from one project to another.I guess that’s better (or I hope you don’t) let all these thoughts attack you at work.That should be another focus,ie saving people’s life.Perhaps I have the jobs mixed up?It’s a JOY to read your blog or what ever it’s called.

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