Detroit AutoRama, 2013. Everything, including the kitchen sink…

Posted: March 10, 2013 in car shows suck, Hot Rod
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100_7427 (1024x768)For a second there, I thought I was at the Spring Home Show, waiting to see Mike Holmes tell me what’s wrong with my (it’s a long list) home improvement projects, but no, it was a diorama for the Detroit club, “Poor Boys”, which included, yes, the kitchen sink.   Cool display, they even had some cars there…

Kim and I went to Detroit on Friday for the opening day of this years show, after missing last years show.  I was anxious to visit the basement, but Kim persuaded me to go through the upstairs first, before the crowds got thick. 

Once again, she was correct, and once again, the show was great, with a diversity of machinery, and level of craftsmanship that approaches supernatural.  True, we may not LIKE everything, but we have to admire the quality of work, and the vision (sometimes clouded) that goes into some of these rides.  It’s a popular pastime on the HAMB to bash high dollar show cars, street-rods, and anything that doesn’t fit precisely into the “traditional” hot rod category, but that’s a reflection of the “me too”, and largely anonymous, feature of the internet.

Here now, without editorializing, are some pics of what here at “Cool McCool’s Garage”, thought was outstanding at the show…

100_7395 (1024x768)100_7419 (1024x768) 

100_7410 (1024x768)100_7413 (1024x768)

100_7405 (1024x768)100_7399 (1024x768)

100_7414 (1024x768)100_7422 (1024x768)

100_7401 (1024x768)100_7431 (1024x768)

100_7441 (1024x768)100_7458 (1024x768)

100_7454 (1024x768)100_7392 (1024x768)

100_7423 (1024x768)

100_7462 (1024x768)

So, there you go.  From Gene Winfield (at 80 something) jumping up on the cowl of a ’39 Chevy marking the top to be cut,  a kid getting a flat-top, to hanging out with your pals in the kitchen, and oh yeah, some killer cars of all kinds, it’s the Detroit AutoRama, as we saw it.

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