DSC04528 (1024x768)Just got off the phone with my friend Ron Penny (who is now my BEST friend!), and the truck will be done by noon!  Turns out, it had a completely dead 02 sensor, on the right side, and, surprise, I’d missed plugging in an important something or other in the wiring harness when I built the harness.

Imagine that, roughly 200 little plugs, on a harness I built from 2 junk yard harness’ and I miss one…

“How big a shoehorn did you use to get that thing in there?”, he asked, “That thing is PACKED.  You did a REALLY nice job with that build.”

Coming from Ron, a guy who’s a very accomplished builder, on a pro level, and someone I’ve known for 30 years, that’s a real compliment.  Made me feel pretty good!

So, I’m heading in after lunch to pick it up, I’m excited to drive it, and plan on a “Debut” at the Gilmore Cruise night tomorrow with the truck and a VERY shiny Spartan trailer behind it.

  1. kdvpol@charter.net says:

    Break out the champagne!

  2. Karin says:

    yay! towing a shiny trailer and with shiny new paint and front bumper!

  3. Kev Bowen says:

    Nice job . Glad it all worked out.

  4. Gene Brechtelsbauer says:

    It has been a struggle but at least that went well for you- saw an old Barrett-Jackson rerun and they had a 38-39something diamond-t resto-mod that went for— maybe $90,000 looked like yours. See you in Milford Gene

  5. Nancy Wolfe says:

    Good luck with your cruise in. That is a very nice job you have done.

  6. Becky says:

    Congratulations Brian! Will look forward to my ride!

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