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This is the LAST time.  I mean it.  5 years ago we towed our ’48 Manor to Milford behind the (then new) ’51 Pontiac wagon, which had previously only been to the muffler shop, and brake shop to repair the seized up right front brake caliper.

On Thursday, we hitched the ’46 Spartan to the Diamond T, and once again headed out into the great wide open.   True, we’d towed the little “Tini-Home” canned ham trailer to Pinckney a week ago, but that hardly counted.  The truck had less than 300 miles on it, had spent the previous three weeks in body rehab and the shop (once again, my friend Ron Penny’s shop, who always seems to be able to bail me out) to make it actually run, before we hitched a 25 foot long travel trailer to it and  hit the road.

No more last-minute, down to the wire thrashing.

It performed flawlessly.  Effortlessly towing the trailer at traffic speed, and delivering, as near as I can figure, almost 16 mpg with the trailer on the hitch.

Confident of my inability fix anything that might possibly to wrong, I packed only a spare tire and lug wrench, figuring anything that happened I couldn’t fix with those things would need a roll-back, we headed out on Thursday afternoon, cell phone in my pocket and credit card in my wallet.

Which I left home in my work pants back pocket…

My eye was glued to the temp gauge, and ear to non-existent noises that would bring us to a grinding, screeching, halt, but none of the above happened.  The truck performed exactly as it should, keeping up with traffic, immune to cross-winds, bow-wake from passing semi tractor trailers, garnering “thumbs-up” from passing cars and delivering us to Milford without a single hiccup.

The truck was a big  hit at the TCT gathering, and at the Bakers Restaurant “Cruise-In” on Sunday.  Several people asked me if it had been “…some sort of fire truck…”, and more than one person asked “What did people do with them?”

Really?  What do people do with pick-up trucks nowadays?

I’m still basking the afterglow, ears ringing a little from the (glorious) exhaust note, but had to share a little of the weekend.


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  1. Jeff says:

    Brian , if you get bored, I have a 52 5 window that needs to be restored…. your truck is beautiful!

  2. flynbrian48 says:

    Thanks Jeff, but for now I have PLENTY to do!

  3. Dave Highway says:

    That is one bad-assed combo!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. paula says:

    Enjoyed meeting you and the other TCT’ers this past weekend. Your diamond T and Spartan are fabulous!

  5. Debbie says:

    What a great little recap. Thanks for sharing your outing with this great automobile. You deserve all the successes.

  6. Kevin Barber says:

    I’ve followed this Diamond T project from the beginning (even endured a couple trailer rebuilds)! I want to congratulate you on a Project Well Done! This truck has been a favorite for years, and you made so many great choices in the build! Thanks for the memories, and thanks for the time it takes to update your website as often as you do.
    I’ve enjoyed the Ride!

    • flynbrian48 says:

      Wow, thanks for the compliments! I really appreciate the kind words and compliments. It’s inspiration for the next build, soon to be revealed here at Cool McCool’s Garage!

  7. Woogeroo says:

    Nice setup… riding in style and sleeping in luxury.


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