DSC04853 (1024x768)Every lady likes a sexy new pair of shoes, right?  This one is no different, even if they are a decidedly un-ladylike size 17.   She was wearing a set of hand-me-down Michelon 24575R17’s, and while they had lots of tread life left, they were 6 years old, and kind of wrinkly, run down at the heel, and needing some polish.

A while back, I scored a set of brand new, never mounted BF Goodrich in the same size, load range E, at a yard sale for $200.  Not only was this a complete set, but it was a complete set of 5!  Figuring that was roughly the cost of one tire, I snapped them up, and they’ve been waiting for this moment to be tried on.

Like Cinderella’s slipper, it was a perfect fit, and the princess is now set free!

I was a little uncertain I’d like the rather aggressive tread, more like a work boot sole than a sexy pair of Jimmy Choo’s, but the old girl wears them well.  They look aggressive but not intimidating.  Sort of, “Take me home, big fella, and if you’re lucky, I’ll leave my shoes on”, kind of thing.

DSC04857 (1024x768)DSC04854 (1024x768)

Since I had 5 tires, I made a call to our local wrecking yard, “Go Go Auto Parts”, and scored a matching Dodge 3/4 ton wheel in a polished finish, and had the extra tire mounted up on that.  The beautiful part of this is, that while it’s a hassle to carry a spare in the bed when traveling, the Spartan has the same wheels.  So, one spare fits all.

And, I have to say, it looks pretty bitch’n in the box.

DSC04859 (1024x768)DSC04851 (1024x768)

So, the lady is now completely dressed, and ready for the dance.

Wanna Rumba, anyone?

  1. paula says:

    very cleverly written. You have a way with words.

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