Lincoln Highway, day 1

Posted: June 22, 2013 in Diamond T truck, Tin Can Tourists, travel, Vintage trailers
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We're here! Ari was ready to bright and early, and took her co-pilots seat on Kim's lap the entire day. We drove south to Fort Wayne, then east on Rt 30 to Ashland, where we found more than a dozen of our TCT friends already camped at Ashland Co. West Holmes Career Center to welcome us.

The drive here, through America’s heartland was beautiful, and once off the freeway, very relaxing.
THe Diamond T performed flawlessly, we were both a little concerned with cooling, as we haven’t had any hot weather yet at home, but no worries. It ran at it’s normal 220, right where GM intends the LS engines to run. We got a little warm by mid-day, but with windshields cranked open, side windows down and cowl vents open, the cab stayed cool in the afternoon heat. A little traveling music, cranked up loud enough to hear over the wind and exhaust, made for a great day for a summer road trip.


Tomorrow there’s an antique truck show at the county fairgrounds just up the road, Kirk Olmstead and I are going to hit that in the morning with the Diamond T while Kim and Beth check out some antique shops nearby. In the afternoon we’ll all be back for the open house, catered supper and then a bluegrass band to round out the evening.

I’m sure some evening libations, and a toast to our friends Ken Hindley, Diane Fliss, who had planned to come but couldn’t make it due to life’s having other plans for them, and to John “Canner” Culp, who I know would be here if he could, will be made as well!

Get ready for more notes from the road as our journey through the Heartland continues, we’ll make sure there’s room for you and Ari in the co-pilots seat. It’s going to be a great trip!


  1. paula says:

    thanks for sharing Brian. The trip sounds awesome so far and sure to get better.

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