Lincoln Hwy. Tour, Day 2: Diamond T’s at the ATHS truck show.

Posted: June 22, 2013 in Tin Can Tourists, travel
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DSCF2184We’d heard yesterday there was an ATHS truck show at the fairgrounds today, so Kirk, Craig and I all squeezed into the Diamond T, and headed down.  Imagine my surprise when we found there was not one, not two , but no less than THREE Diamond T’s there, two 201’s (pickups, like ours) and a 509 with a grain mill mounted on the chassis.  Pretty cool.

DSCF2186The unrestored one, above, was totally original, down to the pin striping on the green belt line stripe.  Didn’t see or have a chance to talk to any of the owners, but I got some pictures.


We stayed for about an hour, then headed back, stopping at an Advance Auto Parts store to by some power steering fluid, as the pump started howling when I turned into the fairgrounds.

DSCF2193We got back to the campsite, Kirk lent me some coveralls, and I added some power steering fluid.  Easy, once I took the left front wheel off to get to the pump!  Happily, Kirk and Craig took pity on me, and put the wheel back on!

  1. Karin says:

    Only 3?!!! There was about 20 here a few weeks ago at the ATHS show in Yakima! All sizes – even 3 of them that were 36-37’s. Most of them were about your trucks vintage though. here are the pics from that show – the yellow one was my favorite (not because of the color, but because it was closest to the size of ours with the longer hood).


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