Lincoln Highway, day 7.

Posted: June 28, 2013 in Diamond T truck, Tin Can Tourists, travel
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Image 9A breaded tenderloin, on a bed of smoked, thin sliced ham, piled high with pulled pork, and topped with bacon.  With cheese.   Yessir, that’s a SAMMICH!  Add a pound or so of onion rings (recommended by the waitress, who’s menu advice was, “Lotsa folks have the onion rings with that.”  OK then…) and you’ve got the “Porky’s Revenge”  sandwich at the Lucky Pig, in Ogden Iowa.

Pork fat rules!

Todays travels, culminating with the above pork fat fest, from Sleepy Hollow campground in Oxford, to Boone, were an easy 120 miles.  I only got aggravated a couple of times, jigging and jogging around on (what may or may not have been) the Lincoln Highway.  The final straw came after waiting a half an hour at a railroad crossing for a mile long train to pass, then  back up 10 feet, then pull forward, then back up, then have another train pass, then finally move off the crossing, only to reveal a “Road Closed” sign a hundred yards past the crossing.  All this, as turns out, within sight of where we are now staying.

The sandwich made up for it though.

Image 5Yesterday we stopped at the “American Pickers” store “Antique Archeology” in Le Claire IA.  The store is mainly a set for the show, but it was fun to go there.  The drive down, along the Mississippi river for about 15 miles of beautiful river view was worth the trip. The store was packed with fans buying t-shirts and coffee mugs.  More power to Mike and Frank.




ImageWe had left from Geneva IL, and a night spent in the fairgrounds there.  Dinner was a catered affair, held in the cavernous exhibit building, which could have easily accommodated all our rigs.  A group of carny’s staying in the same lot made a very diverse bunch of campers.

Image 4Torrential rain in the morning had us stopping at Lowes next to the fairgrounds for some aluminum tape, which I thought might be a temporary way to stem the leak from the front door  As it turns out, the leak was not from the door, but from the wheel wells of the trailer.  This revelation resulted in a stop at Wal-Mart for some roofing caulk in a tube, a caulk gun, and (once everything dried out) a stop in a parking lot somewhere along I-80 to pull the wheels to clean and caulk the joint between floor and wheel house.

I think we got it.  At least, my fingers were well tarred…

After that little chore, we continued the short distance to “Sleepy Hollow”, a campground also right off I-80.  It was very nice, the owners provided supper, free stay and a pancake breakfast this morning.  The also had a very refreshing pool, which felt great after a long and sometimes frustrating day of travel.

Todays tour along Lincoln Highway had some interesting stops.  We found a nice winery, a historic bridge with quaintly homemade looking letters spelling out “The Lincoln Highway” in the railings, lots of desperate small town downtowns trying to stay viable, and a few great photo ops.

Here are few from the two days travels…


Image 2









Image 6Image 7









Tomorrow, it’s more sightseeing here around Boone, then on to Blair, NB, where we hope to find more pork-fat goodness awaiting!





  1. Your trip sounds amazing! And you are also demonstrating why being a camper requires patience, flexibility, and SKILLS! And Kim to take pictures to document the adventure. Go Porkapalooza!!

  2. ranchwagon says:

    I hope you didn’t use your new shoulder to pick up that Porky’s Sandwich. It could have set back your recovery! I bet your Truck/Trailer combo has turned a few heads on the Old Lincoln Highway.

    I’ve enjoyed your postings about your trip. It’s got me planning on making a trip of my own when I finish my project.

  3. Mathias says:

    Great posts, as always. Did I miss an update about the dent in the rear pan on the Diamond T?

  4. flynbrian48 says:

    Sheryl, I’m not sure about the patience, but I think I’m doing a little better! And, I cut the Porky’s Revenge into quarters, so I only picked up a pound or two. Kim and I ate the rest for supper tonight, and I threw part of mine away, it was still too much!

  5. flynbrian48 says:

    Mathias, you noticed the dent huh? I was trying to keep that on the down low… I backed under the tongue of the little Tini Home and dented the pan. I’m sure it’ll happen again 😉

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