Lincoln Highway 100th Anniversary in Kearny, NB

Posted: July 1, 2013 in Diamond T truck, Tin Can Tourists
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Image 24Image 20Yesterday morning found us arriving at the Buffalo Co. Fairgrounds.  We and our friends Kirk and Beth headed out early from Boone to avoid the afternoon wind machine, and got to Kearny just after 1100 am.  After a little confusion at first, we all got settled in and hooked up, ready to start our stay here in Nebraska.  The rest of our group came rolling in throughout the day.

Image 22We had some time to explore town a bit, and get ready for todays parade downtown.  By report, over 12.000 people came into town for the party, it certainly looked like that many from the parade route.  One of our group arranged at the last-minute for those of us with vintage cars towing the trailers to participate in the parade, which worked out well.  The rest of the group of Canners filled up an entire city block with trailers, and those of us in the parade joined in at the back afterwards.

Image 27

Image 26The Diamond T and Spartan were a hit with the crowd, getting cheers and applause when we passed.  It was fun.  By all report, the cars and trailers garnered the most enthusiastic response from the crowd watching.

Image 31More tomorrow when we visit the Arch over i-80, and other exciting events!

Image 32

  1. Debbie says:

    So neat that you were able to be part of the parade. Sounds like you guys are having a wonderful get-away.

  2. […] Highway Association’s celebration in Kearney, Nebraska, of which both The Old Motor and Cool McCool provided some coverage this […]

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