Lincoln Highway tour, wrapping up.

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Diamond T truck, Tin Can Tourists, travel
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It’s July 4th, we’re still encamped in the dusty gravel parking lot at the Buffalo Co. fairgrounds in Kearny, NE.  The wind machine here in Nebraska is cranking up today, strong southerly winds are blowing hotter air than we’ve been having in from the hot southwest.  Today, upper 80’s to low 90’s, and increasingly hotter through the weekend.

That’s OK, we’re leaving tomorrow and heading home.

IMG_0715IMG_0761Last night, we went out for another barbecue pork and brisket fest at “Skeeters”, and ordered an embarrassing amount of food, even for the four of us.  A rack of ribs, 2 complete, halved chickens, a slab of brisket that looked like a third of a cow, and what had to have been all of the pulled pork left in the kitchen.  Plus, an endless supply of coldslaw, mashed sweet bourbon sweet potatoes and baked beans.

We made a valiant effort, but we had to throw in the towel after eating about a third.  It was enough for at least 8 people, and we have a fridge full of barbecue to eat today.  And tomorrow.  And probably the next day.

The fireworks show was great, and we had front and center seats at the hotel parking lot next to Skeeters (now my favorite BBQ joint!).  It lasted a long time, and leaving was easy as pie, we were back at the fairgrounds in less than 10 minutes.

Speaking of pie…

IMG_0690IMG_0699The open house for the trailers was in the afternoon, and we had some worries that nobody would show up.  Those worries were allayed when people started rolling in at about 2:30.  Evidently, the Lincoln Highway Auto Tour organization was rather hap-hazard, and those folks were told our open house was from 2 to 4, not 4 to 7.  One couple opined that their entire tour from the west coast had been this way, and they were ready for it to all be over.

I baked a rhubarb pie in the oven so the trailer smelled like pie, and set it on the stove grate to cool during the open house.  It smelled great. and everyone commented on it.  It was fun.  Kim suggested I simply bay a scented candle, but you can’t eat a candle, and everybody likes pie…

IMG_0687IMG_0683Terry counted 139 people through their Wayzless, and we must have had the same.  Kirk and I did a little traffic control with Herby Curby’s to prevent looky-loo’s from simply driving around and in between the trailers (yes, people really did this) which helped a little to keep dust down as well.  We’d already parked our trucks in front of the trailers, between them and the paved drive, as quite a few people thought simply driving by the front of the trailers on the gravel at 30 mph was a good way to see all of them quickly.  And raise huge clouds of dust.  After that, 1t all went pretty well.

And, we have pie for today…

IMG_0679IMG_0682Earlier in the day we’d all gone to a restaurant in town for lunch as a group.  It was VERY good, although tempting to over eat at the buffet.  Since I was planning on a pork-fat-barbecue-fest for supper, I was trying to pace myself, but I may have re-visit our diet plan to make up for the excess calorie intake of yesterday.  We had a very nice lunch, a great wrap-up review from Terri Evans, then retired back to the fairgrounds for a group photo-op before the open house.  It all worked out great.

IMG_0707IMG_0775So, the trip is almost over.  Tomorrow we’ll head for Lincoln and the “Museum of American Speed” at Speedway Auto to see Speedy Bill’s collection of cool old stuff, but today we’re just hanging out here watching our fellow canners head home.  Half  a dozen of us happy canners are staying, relaxing and getting a little dog therapy for the long trip home.

We’ll update a little more and have details of the return trip, and some details of more we did while we were here, but for now, so long from Kearny Nebraska!


  1. gene newton (from 1949-54 group) says:

    Hi Brian
    I sure have enjoyed your trip!

  2. Debbie says:

    A great recap of the day…good choice on the pie!

  3. paula says:

    I have enjoyed all of the posts of the trip and that pie sounds great!

  4. Joe Chasse says:

    Sounds like quite a trip out and back and the stay was pretty good too! I like the picture of you two in the doorway of the Spartan. The Wayzless looks to be quite a character trailer!

    Happy to see the red truck is working well, but then what else from YOUR garage?

    Enjoying being on your list.
    Joe Chasse`

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