DSC05585My fiend Ric mentioned today that he and some other local rodders had arranged to meet for a photo shoot at the Park Theater in Augusta.  The theater has been closed since 1996, but owner, who opened it in ’49, and is now 84 years old, was going to light the neon marquee lights, and the local fire department would be there to hose the street down.  Would we like to be part of it?

You bet!

At 7:30, we met half a dozen other local hot rodders in front of the theater, and waited for the “right” light.  This was tricky, because that lasts only for a minute or so, and we had to jockey the cars around so everybody could a shot of their own car if they wanted.  With the help of the Augusta Fire Department and their bank of halogen lights on the pumper, we made the “right” light last much longer than just that instant at dusk.

It was lots of fun, we all got some great shots, and most of them are going back tomorrow to do it again.

DSC05608Kim and went to the movies there many times when we were dating, and continued to the the shows until the theater closed in ’96.  The last movie I specifically remember seeing was “Billy Jack”, but I know we saw others after that.  The theater lobby is very mid-century hip, the long, thin brick fireplace was always going, and the owner, always in a black tuxedo with a red bow tie, was the usher.  His wife sold tickets, and the rest of the family sold popcorn and sodas.  It was a great place.

Come along as we go back to the movies…


  1. scotty gosson says:

    What a great photo-op!!! Cool.

  2. DAVID FOUTCH says:

    Well, all I can say is you REALLY are Mc COOOOOL..

    Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2013 02:18:00 +0000 To: gravydavy46@hotmail.com

  3. flynbrian48 says:

    Thanks guys, it was fun, although I was a bit disappointed we didnt’ get to shoot until it was (way) too dark!

  4. E. Carson says:

    Would love to have been there!!

  5. Carol KG says:

    Those really are nice shots. I would like to have had a few photos of some of my
    favorite places, with appropriate period vehicles, before they disappeared. BTW Brian I have posted a message on the Spartan site simply wondering if you are out there.


  6. These pics are everything I imagine about those classic days.

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