Thunderbirds are GO!

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Thunderbird, travel
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Finally, I made some progress on the ‘Bird.  Inspired by the beautiful headlight bezels on the ’63 Caddy, I purchased a pair a month ago on eBay.  The idea was to get away from the flat bezels of the stock headlights, and raise the outside edge to get rid of the “droopy” look they had.  A little slicing and dicing and some sheet metal to reshape the fender eyebrow has it all roughed in.

Right side done, left side stock.

Right side done, left side stock.

I like the new look, how about you?

Scowling, like Clint Eastwood...

Scowling, like Clint Eastwood…

...not "sleepy", like Stallone

…not “sleepy”, like Stallone

Side view, before.

Side view, before.

  1. Rod Kiser says:

    Looks good Brian.

    It’s those subtle things that make a car stand out. The ones you have to really look hard to notice.

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