This afternoon I started tucking the rear bumper. An inch and an eighth off each side of the lower pan, and 5/8 of an inch off each of the upper bumperettes. The result is that the bumper fits tight into it’s cut out in the rear quarter, and follows the new character line in the quarter.

I’m still debating whether to chrome the bumperettes, or just the “dagmars” that flank the license plate in the center. A little chrome would be OK, but I think too much will detract from the lines. I know it’s considered “passé” to have painted bumpers now, but lots of early customs used rolled pans front and rear, which I think the stock bumpers on this car really are, and it’ll still look fresh and contemporary, and pay homage to traditional customs. We’ll see what the critics say.

The first cut is the deepest...

The first cut is the deepest…

No going back now.

No going back now.

Mock up.

Mock up.

Tightened up.

Tightened up.

To chrome, or not to chrome, that is the question.

To chrome, or not to chrome, that is the question.

  1. scotty gosson says:

    Great job on the bumper, Brian. IMHO, the chrome question is up to the owner/builder. That’s you, right?

  2. I think the chrome would set off the pain. It is Jewelery for the car! Based on your Roadster I know you are not a huge chrome fan, but if you are leaving the sculpted metal inserts on the taillights and the bezels on the headlights, I would say the bumpers need to be chrome.. It will make it look more “stock” and also make people wonder why it looks better than stock… Just my .02 worth!

  3. paula says:

    my bumperettes need a tuck job too.

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