In the light, I can see up your skirt…

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Squarebird, Thunderbird, Traditional Custom Cars
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This is better. I got the right hand secondary skirt fitted, latches made and mounted in the daylight. It’s amazing how much better things go when I can see what I’m doing. I really need to invest in some better lighting in the shop. Anyway, with the secondary skirt on, I see I need to trim the tail of the primary skirt a little, as it doesn’t line up correctly with the quarter panel, or the new secondary skirt. Well, that’s what I have a cut-off tool and hammer and dollies for!

So here, in much better lighting, is the fender skirt(s) fitted and mounted on the car. I like it.






  1. Brian: love the photoshop pic, really classy looking. btw, is the ‘bird 352 powered?

  2. flynbrian48 says:

    No. When I bought the car, the drivetrain was missing. The 352 was there, incomplete, and nothing else. I put an ’88 302 HO roller motor and AOD in, from a donor Mustang GT. I used everything, including the radiator (which bolted in), and complete stainless exhaust. It’d be nice to have a little more torque, but it’s not bad.

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