I thought I was done cutting…

Posted: January 26, 2014 in Thunderbird, Traditional Custom Cars
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Just when I thought I was done, they dragged me back in. James D. on the HAMB, noticed a serious flaw in my front bumper design/fitment, and corrected it.

Easy for him, in photoshop! Harder for me in steel, but I’m glad he could see what I didn’t. I wasn’t very happy with the fit after I’d narrowed the bumper’s ends, but couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong. It SHOULD have fit, but still didn’t look right.

Turns out, the top of the bumper at the corners rolls in too far, now tucking underneath the fender lip. So, it’s coming back off. A little off here, a little added there, and it’ll all look like I, and James, thought it should.

Thanks James!



After, courtesy of James D.'s photoshop skill.

After, courtesy of James D.’s photoshop skill.

  1. Rod Kiser says:

    Wow! That does make a difference!

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