Stupid plow…

Posted: February 2, 2014 in GMC truck, snowplowing
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The set up for this is that a couple of days ago, while plowing pushing snowbanks back along the driveway (I’d run out of room to push snow), it was obvious that the plow blade was swinging to the right every time a little pressure was put on that side of the blade. The plow has a relief valve that allows it to swing to prevent damage when LOTS of pressure is put on one side or the other, as in hitting a curb. I didn’t think I was pushing hard enough to trip that safety valve, but it had to be, right?

I pushed pretty hard on a bank out by the road, the blade again swung hard right, and when I backed up, it disappeared from view with a “clunk”. That couldn’t be good…

I got of the truck and the problem was obvious. The plow blade pivots at the bottom had rusted out, and the blade had fallen off the A-frame. It had been swinging right because the left hand bracket had broken first, and had been bending the pivot pin on the right hand side.


So today, instead of going the Kalamazoo swap meet, I went to ALRO steel for supplies, and spent the afternoon fixing the plow. Got it all done in time to sweep the new 6″ of snow from the drive, and we’re ready for more!

Rusted plow.

Wait, this is supposed to be on the front of the truck!

Wait, this is supposed to be on the front of the truck!


New bracket and pivot pin.

Cool McCool himself, almost ready to plow.

The plow is back together, the drive is plowed, and it’s still snowing. We’re ready now, and didn’t’ need any old car parts anyway!

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