Rhinoplasty continues on the ‘bird.

Posted: February 11, 2014 in Squarebird, Thunderbird, travel
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It’s probably even more boring looking at photos of welds, than it is running dozens of feet of weld on one panel, and then grinding them down, but it’s this monotonous work that makes a difference.

Today I finished up the welding on the much modified front bumper, and then ground all the welds down. I spent about 6 hours at it, enough that now, my back aches from hunching over the bumper, and my hands are achey from holding the grinder. The bumper however, looks great!

Tomorrow I’ll pull the bumper off and straighten out the lip on the valance panel between the hood and bumper, It has some damage I didn’t get all worked out the first time around. Now, with the bumper tucked up close, the imperfect gap is quite apparent. I’ll make it right this time.

Imperfect gap from damaged valance panel is very apparent here...

Imperfect gap from damaged valance panel is very apparent here…



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