Roof collapses on Cool McCool’s Garage annex.

Posted: February 23, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday afternoon, during a torrential rain, on top of the 2 or more feet of snow we have here, the roof of the shop at my Dads collapsed.  In the 36×60 pole building, with 16 foot ceilings,  was our ’67 Caddy convert, the ’12 Hudson Speedster replica, the Del-Ray truck camper, and the car trailer with the ’68 Mustang GT convert inside.  Plus tools, equipment, and misc. stuff.

The section of roof over the Caddy and Speedster is what came down, with tons of rain soaked snow, insulation, when the trusses collapsed under the load.  That portion of the building, about 24×36, had a separate truss, shed type, from the remainder of the structure.

I got in, and was able to get around the Speedster, which being up against the outside wall, has very little roof on it.  Although it’s not unscathed, the Cadillac is under the majority of the collapsed roof and probably has the most damage.   It’s squatted on the suspension on the right side, but a couple of 42″ high roll around tool cabinets next to that side seem to have kept some of the collapsed roof off the car, as the windshield isn’t cracked (I was able to get around it to the left side and open the drivers door), the top is intact and not deformed, so I’m hoping whatever damage there is will be cosmetic and relatively minimal.  The Del-Ray, and the car trailer with the Mustang inside, are in the undamaged part of the building.  They are coming out.

We have an excavator coming over Monday morning to move the snow from in front of the doors and to the road, so we can get the car trailer and the camper out, in the event the rest of the roof should come down.  Meanwhile, we’ll knuckle down, hope for the best, and be thankful that nobody was inside when it collapsed, and that the things that may be lost are only material things which can be repaired or replaced.

More photos to come when we can get there in the daylight, but here’s what it looked like last night when we went over…

The Hudson Speedster is under the plastic drop cloth, the roof is on the left side of the car.

The Hudson Speedster is under the plastic drop cloth, the roof is on the left side of the car.

Well, this is not good.

Well, this is not good.

Somewhere under there is a lipstick red '67 Caddy Deville convertible.

Somewhere under there is a lipstick red ’67 Caddy Deville convertible.

  1. dhighway66 says:

    Damn, Brian, that is a real kick in the nuts. Glad no one was in harm’s way at the time.
    We had a house fire a few years back, so I know the feeling. Stuff can get fixed.
    Hang tough,
    Dave Highway

  2. Gene Brechtelsbauer says:

    Dang Brian you really have a LOOOOTTTT of cool stuff!!!!! I know your smart enough to have the correct insurance coverage in place, but that is of little comfort right now, and you went through the diamond T disaster, we know you will come through with FLYING COLORS (pun intended). I am hoping to have your problem this summer of having to choose which tow vehicle to bring out when it’s time to hit the road to a camping rally. In Dec. I lost longtime and cheap indoor storage on a 57 chevy I had bought in AZ. 21 years ago and was just sitting on and a 70 chevelle SS that I bought new and needed $$$$ to make it hit the road again. So I brought the 57 home, kicked ma’s car out of the garage and have been working like a madman to have her ready for spring. Hope your loss is minimal and does not put you in a funk like the prison tour did. See you guy’s at milford. and elsewhere— Gene and Sharol in starship enterprize-

  3. flynbrian48 says:

    Thanks guys. Yes, we all think things like this happen only to other people, but, once in a while stuff happens to US. We’ll get it dug out, the roof lifted off, and see what’s up. I’m sure everything is fixable, and, everybody needs a hobby, right?


  4. Rod Kiser says:

    Sorry to here that Brian. I hope you get the Caddy out and your damage is minimal.

    Hopefully there isn’t much winter left…

  5. Keith Vander Pol says:

    Sorry about this revolting development in your life, Brian. I appreciate your attitude of thankfulness that no one was harmed. Hope all goes well with the rescue procedure and that no further damage results and no one is harmed. May your insurance agent look kindly upon you.

  6. jerry wayton says:

    sorry for your damages hope repairs go good an smooth you don’t need any more grief

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