Del-Ray camper project.

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Vintage trailers
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The mighty "Del-Ray" Imperial 90.

The mighty “Del-Ray” Imperial 90.


Since the Del-Ray is setting in the driveway, and I didn’t really feel like working on the T’Bird today, I decided I’d ought to finish up one thing completely.  I’d gotten some of the trim up on the campers new ceiling last week, but on looking at it, I wasn’t really happy with some of it.  So, back to Home Depot to get some 1 1/4″ wide vinyl lattice slats to make some new trim from.

This worked out very well around the curved, panoramic front windows, much better then the 1″ expanded foam trim I’d used first.  It had actually cracked just setting in the curve, so it had to go.

When I got that done, I repaired the booth frame in the front, where I ‘d had to take a brace out to get the old water tank out.  I pulled the old pressure pump, repaired the booth frame, and got the new water tank mounted.  I have a 12V demand pump to put in, but it’s over at the shop, so I didn’t get that part done, but it’s almost ready.

Replaced the light fixture over the sink, which has 120 and 12v bulbs, and then cleaned the counters, washed the walls and cabinets with Murphy’s Oil Soap.  It looks nice, but will need a coat of lemon oil, Liquid Gold, Panel Magic, or similar product to keep the wood looking nice.  The backsplash had what looked like adhesive from duct tape on it, and some “Goof-Off” got rid of that.

The original vinyl floor seems to have a thin coat of adhesive on it, from the green shag carpet I pulled out last fall.  It scrapes of with a putty knife, but I decided to forgo that for a later time.

It cleaned up pretty nicely, and I’m happy now with the trim.  We bought some cool ’60’s style fabric to do the booth cushions in, so the brown vinyl will go away for a brighter fabric, more appropriate for the camper.

Now, some butyl sealer on the roof seams, a coat of roof seal over all, a Lava lamp and sunburst clock, and it’ll be done!







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