OK, I give…

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Hot Rod, Thunderbird
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No point in swimming against the tide.  I’ve decided, after some research on the Mustang harness, looking at wiring diagrams and pin-out diagrams until my vision blurred and brain hurt, to go with a new column.  They’re cheap, they’ll look MUCH better, and I can get one in  brushed stainless to match the wheel spokes.  Wiring in a new ignition switch should be easy, and I could add a neat-o (but maybe too trendy) push button for the starter.

Here’s the style column I liked.  $170 to $200, depending on paintable vs. stainless.  No switch, no shifter, no problem.

This column.

This column.





  1. Iain Hall says:

    That likes real sweet for the money

  2. Kurt says:

    Brian, I had the same dilemma with my Plymouth. I wanted to keep the factory cruise control, but w a s using an Ididit column and aftermarket wheel. I just went to pick a part and found the stock Dodge Ram switches, and installed them on a little bracket inside the console. Works great, and it’s completely out of sight. Grant also makes a few switches for their wheels


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