Marketing 101. Will we sell one of the two Riviera’s?

Posted: August 9, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Today we listed the yellow Riv on eBay, Craigs list, and the HAMB classifieds in the hope it’ll disappear quickly.  Yesterday the crew here spent the afternoon sifting through the truck load of extra parts that came with the car, and it’s quite a pile.  We’ll keep enough stuff to replace any damaged bits, like the rear bumper, of the blue one (the one we’ve decided is a “builder”), and the rest can go with the yellow one, or be sold separately.

There was a complete set of 4 Guide “T-3” original headlamps, and they all worked, at least until I tested them a second time, when one of the low beam ones called it quits.  Dang.   Supposedly they’re pretty desirable with the classic Corvette guys,  like $50-60 apiece, so we’ll see if they’ll help move the iron.

I’ve already had offers to trade for stuff I don’t want, which I expect, but nobody has raised their hand and said they’d swap for a ’26-’27 Ford Roadster body, which is what I want.  Oh well…

The pile of parts included enough to replace all the damaged pieces on both cars, minus the missing left front fender of the yellow car.  There is however, two right fronts, so maybe to rights will make a left?  We’ll see…

Meanwhile, now the fun of watching the sale on eBay.  Lots of hits on the car, and several people watching, but no bids yet.  I’m also taking it to the “Relix Riot” next weekend, on the trailer, and would even deliver, to the happy new owner.

As long as they were fairly close, and on the way to return my buddy’s trailer…

Here’s some more photos of the “pile”.

Parts is parts.

Parts is parts.













Look at this yard, filled with fabulous prizes!

Look at this yard, filled with fabulous prizes!


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