Fall camping, a water wonderland!

Posted: October 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday I got groceries, hitched the Spartan to the Diamond T and got all packed and ready to go when Kim got home. The forcast called for rain, but it was a very pleasant fall day under partly cloudy skies.



We landed, got set up and had great evening, fixed a nice thick Porterhouse and roasted vegetables for dinner. Still no rain.

During the night however, the odds caught up with us and we got rain in buckets. We awoke to the awning down, and somehow rainwater ran in the rear door frame and wet the floor by the bed.

The awning is back up, the puddle at the foot of the bed mopped up and clothespin in the rain gutter above the back door is diverting a stream of water away from the door frame. All is well.



  1. Dave Baylis says:

    You have a beautiful truck and trailer. And I’m happy for you that you are enjoying it year around.Please keep your email’s coming, I enjoy reading them. Thank you Dave Baylis

  2. Judy Baurs says:

    Looks like a repeat of summer camping, only with cooler temps! Always fun no matter what the weather is like!!

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