I almost spend Thanksgiving in the hospital, but still get something done on the T’Bird.

Posted: December 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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An episode of chest tightness, mild headache and general “Well this doesn’t feel quite right” last Tuesday morning at work led me to go down to the ER, which lead to being admitted, and nearly ending up on the heart cath table. Fortunately, that didn’t happen, everything ultimately pointed to no cardiac injury, the (extremely) high blood pressure I had initially was probably stress. After a stress test, which was OK, I was discharged late Wednesday afternoon and we made it to my sisters for Thanksgiving without any problem.

As part of my new stress relief program, I got a little but done on the T’Bird. The new tulip panel is completely welded in, and the shortened tonneau cover is also sporting a new lip at the rear edge. I got all the welds finished and ground down this afternoon, and am ready now to start slinging some filler on. It feels good to go out into the shop and get lost in a project for a while.





Tulip panel lengthened 8 inches.

Tulip panel lengthened 8 inches.

Tonneau cover shortened 8 inches and a new rear lip.

Tonneau cover shortened 8 inches and a new rear lip.

  1. paula says:

    glad you are OK. Probably the new computer program at work, causing all that stress!

  2. jerry wayton says:

    brian why is the B,P. so high you should watch this but isn’t your wife a nurse also you need to be around for that grand child very glad you are find jerry you sure blue out pilot on my Spartan yesterday which I thought was very funny jerry

  3. Love this!! bet it will be awesome when finished!!!

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