Time slips away.

Posted: December 19, 2014 in cars
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I was out in the shop a while ago, working on the tulip panel of the T’bird, when my ancient Makita variable speed grinder wheezed to halt. Aggravated to spend time working on tools instead of the car, I pulled the OTHER non-functioning Makita grinder out of the cabinet and robbed the brushes and power cord from it to make one out of the two.

While doing this, I had some time to think about how long it’s been since I started on the T’bird, where it’s at right now, and how much work is yet to be done before I get it finished. Plus, the ’63 Riviera for Kim is calling me, and I want to start in on the ’47 Spartan Manor, and there is an ever growing pile of parts for the ’27 highboy roadster I want to build.

It seems like a long list.

I felt kind of overwhelmed for moment, then I tallied up in my head the other projects I’ve completed during the time the T’bird has been stalled. It goes like this…

1. 1962 Impala hardtop for Craig, a total repaint and minor mechanical stuff.

2. 1936 Ford roadster, total build, from a pile.

3. 1951 Pontiac wagon, total build.

4. 1948 Diamond T pickup, total build.

5. 1946 Spartan Manor, complete restoration.

6. 1954 Tini-Home, frame up build.

7. Painted Craigs ’68 Mustang convertible.

8. Major body work and repaint on a buddy’s ’59 Edsel wagon.

9. ’76 GMC dually pickup, frame off.

10. Del Ray truck camper for the GMC.

11. 2006 Ford Fusion, a total, for a daily driver.

Plus, myriad other homeowner and maintenance projects on the above, vacations, travel, life in general. It’s a long list, and I feel pretty productive when I stop and think about it. The T’bird will get done, the Rivi will get done, and the Spartan will get built.


  1. jerry wayton says:

    not to bad for an old man with chest pains LOL (LIFE really is good)a grandson makes it better

  2. John says:

    Somewhere along the way a “little mahogany” work was done. All and all it is an aggressive number of projects. Keep it up.

  3. Sheryl Drenth says:

    Brian…you are incredibly productive! No “idle hands” around your house…..

  4. kirkus says:

    there is always that moment I have in most of my projects, usually when things are torn down to their most basic level, that I have a feeling that I will never remember where all the parts go and will never complete the project. Human nature I guess! You still get 10x more stuff done than I do!!

  5. Robert Renner says:

    A few things you forgot:

    1. Full time job
    2. Quality time with family and friends
    3. Travel
    4. Documenting and publishing your escapades.

    And you still manage to get more done than most of us following your activities. Makes me feel like a slacker!

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