Opinions are like a–holes, everybody has one.

Posted: February 27, 2015 in car shows suck, HAMB, Hot Rod, Muscle car, Roadsters, Traditional Custom Cars, transportation
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Yesterday, on a Facebook page devoted to traditional custom cars (we know it’s traditional because they spell it with. “K”), someone posted some photos of several vintage Cadillac customs. Following suit, I posted one of our long gone ’56 convert, a car that really initiated me into the world of “customs”. The car gave me confidence in my abilities and sense of style, I was and still am, proud of it.

Several people then “shared” the photo to their pages, which is flattering. Since I’m a bit of an attention seeker, of course I followed links their pages to see them, and read comments.

Predictably, some of the comments were less than complimentary. “I don’t like the tires”, to “Painted chrome sucks”, and so forth.  Of course my feeling were a little hurt, and I thought, “Really?”  It was the 80’s, and the car was sort of cutting edge at the time.

Several witty and cutting replies came to mind, from “…and the horse you rode in on.”,  to “Let’s see YOUR car”, to some even less refined. I paused for a second before hitting “Return”, which is NOT my usual habit. I must be getting more mature.

This pause made me wonder Why it is that people feel free to express every negative feeling they have in this way? It’s not just the cloak of anonimity of the web, I’ve heard it all in person at car shows and events as well. People seem to think if it’s out in public, their myopic viewpoint needs to be heard, especially in the example of a custom car, by the owner/builder. My wife always cringes when I let these dopes have it car shows, saying it brings me down to their level.

I guess she’s right. From now on, this kind of unconstructive criticism I’ll let slide. It doesn’t matter, I do things for me, not someone else.

And besides, they couldn’t do it anyway…

  1. Rodney says:

    That is a good looking Cadillac. I would love to own it!

    You can’t please everybody though.

  2. ilovelinux says:

    I like this Cadillac stance. Very well done.

  3. Lance Foster says:

    You hit it on the head with your title, Mr. McCool! That is a drop-dead-gorgeous Cad! You are a fine craftsman, sir, a gentleman, and an inspiration!

  4. joefoerster says:

    First, let me say I like your car. 🙂 Second, my opinion doesn’t count for crap. I generally don’t like customs (especially with a “K”) and I’ve been guilty of giving some fairly blunt opinions on them to their owners. Some guys think you throw some dubs on and lower it and you’ve got something bitchin. Maybe you do. Who am I to say. (I did it myself with a crappy Mustang way back when.) I am maturing and (hopefully) growing wiser too. I try to say less than I think these days and I try to be a gentleman if I don’t agree with someone. I think the world has devolved into polarized troll fights way to often. But you have a good model Cad there and it’s a beautiful Maroon Madeira color. It’s a drop top! Cruising in that would be a fine time for anyone with half a brain. Hell, it it were mine, I’d want to make it electric! So rock on bro. You did a good job and it’s very clean.

  5. jerry says:

    but now days if you remain silent they are under the impression that you agree with them like you i let them have it well enough maybe they wont come back for more but if I let it pass it takes to overcome it but your wife is correct

  6. John says:

    Well put; “and besides they couldn’t do it anyway”. 😃

  7. mcguireb says:

    Hanging out on Facebook, I have come to the conclusion that opinions in general are vastly overrated. McGuire

  8. Tom Payne says:

    I was an art major in college and it is part of the process to sit in a class group and critique each other’s work, so you learn to have thick skin. Also, the old saying “don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, so I can understand people making comments. If it’s something that you’ve already done then I’m not going to be too critical, but I may just be frank and say “It’s not my cup of tea.”
    I do NOT understand sharing something and then cutting it down. That’s childish.
    If it is something that you PROPOSING to do and you post it here and ask my opinion I will gladly share it: I think you should paint your Riviera a nice Dove Gray. I told you that. I don’t care if you don’t. Paint it that school bus yellow and I’ll come up there…….

  9. Kim McCool says:

    Sometimes the “cringe” is my reaction to “ruined a good car” which I’ve heard all too often from John Q Public! Usually when you aren’t around and they are questioning me about our car(s). I generally point out that you didn’t start out with a “good” car and didn’t have the original motor anyway. We also like to get where we’re going in a timely manner and stop when we need too. I think many more things but usually remain quiet.

    You must admit Brian that you have even heard me say a time or two – “Why did you do that?!”

  10. Kim McCool says:

    Tom Payne while Dove Gray sounds nice I’ve never had a blue car so Nassau Blue it will be! School Bus Yellow? Brian would have some explaining to do!!!

  11. Thom says:

    well said

  12. flynbrian48 says:

    No, one School Bus Yellow Riviera is all the world needs, and it already won the Ridler, so don’t worry Kim!

  13. Tim Kearns says:

    Brian, I believe it is “we’re getting older”, the restraint seems to prove this. I’ve just left websites ( and F/B pages) because of the internet Rambo comments. I’m the first to admit that I’m a driver not a builder so, when I ask a friend to do something a certain way on any car,truck or bike , it’s because I like it, not for anyone else. I have also learned that even if I don’t like someone’s custom, I keep my mouth shut because I understand the time and work it took to get to their dream ride.

  14. flynbrian48 says:

    Thanks for the comments everybody. I shook my head at the “I don’t like the tires”, because this guy clearly was focused on the white letter tires, completely ignoring, or missing, the actual work done. The chop, the convertible conversion, the shortening of the body, all done to re-proportion the car and still have look like a ’56 Caddy. OK, painted chrome is a thing that passed, but it was popular then, I think it still looks good on some cars. Perhaps I should take that as a compliment though, because evidently the customizing was done well enough that people miss it and think it’s simply a Cadillac convert. Oh well, somebody else liked it well enough to buy it from me, so it pleased at least two people!

  15. The guys that do that the loudest are the guys that cant do shit, and dont know shit. Ever stand away from your car, and have some random prick claim to know the guy that built your car? Or claim that he built it himself? Or march up to you and tell you your car would be nice i you “dug all the bondo out of it and fixed it right” ? Or ask you who painted your car, you tell him you did it yourself, and they say “no you didnt”. lol guy I work with once came over my dads house and totally picked apart every tiny little stone chip and scratch on my dads Autorama winning 39 sedan. When he got done my dad calmly looks him up and down and said “what I don’t get your trophy?” The guy just stares back and my Dad says, “well if you are judging it so closely, there must be a trophy right?” “I’m so sorry my work isn’t worthy of it.” “Now why dont you go get YOUR car, and bring it here, and I will give it the same going over.” Oh? You never built anything?” “Then shut the fuck up, and get out of my garage” So yea, haters will always hate, and those that can’t do, criticize! My current reply these days is 1) i didnt build it for YOU. And 2) If you want it different, PAY me for it and make it the way you like it. Ok, i feel better now.

  16. Bob Heine says:

    I recently turned 70 so I feel more compelled to respond to criticism of my customized 72 Corvette (and nearly everything else) the same way: “You have me confused with someone who cares about your opinion.” If the comment is unusually harsh, my “who cares”I is replaced by “who gives a shit.” I don’t have enough time left on this earth to make very many other people happy so I do most things to make ME happy…. including spending money on my favorite grandchildren.

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