Posted: March 24, 2015 in Buick, HAMB, Riviera, Squarebird, Thunderbird, Traditional Custom Cars

Progress on two fronts today! Finished up the floor repair in the Riviera, got that all primed, And, got the Lincoln door buttons in the ’59 T ‘bird too! I’m super stoked about both projects, the ‘bird looks great with the smooth, handle-less Lincoln door buttons and it’s nice to not see the shop floor through the Rvi ‘s floor pans.




  1. Keith Vander Pol says:

    Twas a banner day for sure. Really like those Lincoln door buttons!

  2. David Foutch says:

    Brian, SURE ENJOY the posts.. Here is the email of a local Flint guy here who dismantles Rivis If you need ANY little and or big thing He has it. Nice guy, Bob Stemm, chased us down at Back to the Bricks cause he loved our 55 Special wagon.. Tryin to connect with him to view a lime green 63 at his shoppe. He is helping us with Arizona 66 Rivi we had shipped into Flint last January, won it on Ebay LOL The fun part on the 66 my sister and husband bought same car new, same color., Before I got Tool n Die apprenticeship I worked on the line and set the backlites (glass) on the Rivis. During the COLD Feb went thru paper work and called original owner she was 85 in San Diego, said her daughter would love to buy 66 back.. Got the original dealer lic. pl8 surround on ebay FUN… wonder if I could find a hitch too pull the 1959 Herters/35 Johnson LOL Spring is a comin GOOD luck on your projects Dave, Flint

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