Look Ma, no holes!

Posted: September 21, 2015 in spartan trailer
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Put a big “DONE” stamp on the Spartan floor, it’s wrapped up.  I found another soft spot on the street side, ahead of the wheel well, this was replaced in the same manner as the other bad spots, and the underlayment is down, covering all the scars.It feels good to have this part of the job done, even though it’s a small part, it’s the basis on which the rest of the restoration sets.  We ordered a carton of red VCT 12×12’s to mix in with the vintage 9×9’s, I’ll cut them down to the same size.  The primary color is green/grey, with black and the red to be mixed in, probably randomly, but we’ll lay out a couple different options.

I also got the rest of the Kimsul insulation cleaned out, so it now smells like new wood and construction adhesive, not rotten old cellulose!



  1. Jeff Heighton says:

    Looking good

  2. John Roney says:

    You’ve started me on this journey! I hope you keep me with you for the whole trip.
    Thanks for taking the time..

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