Spartan Manor’s new roof vents.

Posted: November 2, 2015 in Uncategorized


Out with old, in with the new.  I pulled all three of the ’47 Spartan Manor’s original roof vents today, and installed the forward “Fantastic Fan”, and center A/C unit.  The rear vent I skinned over,  I’ll install the other “Fantstic Fan” off- center so as to clear the new bathroom wall.

imageThe original vents are 12×16, modern ones are 14×14, so I had re-size the openings.  New frame pieces were made of .040 aluminum as the originals, and a short skin patch was riveted on the “long” side, then the new vent was dropped in with a strip of butyl tape and a small bead of Tremco caulk.  The A/C unit simply sets over the opening and is secured with four bolts, drawing it down tight against the roof.

image image image imageThe rest fan will be to the left of the original, skinned over opening, I’ll frame the hole and cut the skin tomorrow.

Once the roof is sealed up I can insulate and start installing the birch interior panels and start the cabinetry.

Stay tumed!

  1. Jeff Heighton says:

    Very COOL lol. Love to see the progress. Please take lots and lots of pics as I want to make a photo album for all the family and friends that has had the pleasure of spending time in the Spartan.

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