Spartan Trailer Cabinets. DONE!

Posted: February 19, 2016 in camping, RV Crazy, spartan trailer, transportation, Vintage trailers
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Whew. Time to step back and admire my work. The kitchen cabinets are DONE. True, I have to make the door fronts and couple of trim pieces, but the cabinets themselves, upper and lower, are complete.
I have to make the front bulkhead cabinet over the windows, a small bulkhead cabinet for the bedroom, and decide whether the vanity med cabinet is salvageable, but it feels pretty good to have the galley. The hard part, done.

  1. David Foutch says:

    AWESOME Can we bring our 46 manor down for you too work on???? LOL

  2. It’s very impressed and may be so cute. I love it and love your job.

  3. Rodney says:


    You are doing better with your joint replacement than I am. I had my thumb done in December and it is still too stiff and painful to do much.

    Keep it up!

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