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No, it’s not finished yet, my wife bought me the issue of “Street Rodder” the car was featured in back in ’83!  It’s great to have it, and see the car as it was originally built.

I do have the frame in primer, and would like to have it and the suspension bits in color soon and assembled.  Not purple though…

  1. TOM says:

    Sweet. Is that a blower on the flathead? I know your busy so if you don’t answer I know why. Thanks for the updates. Tom T

  2. flynbrian48 says:

    Thanks for reading Tom! Yes, the car originally had a blown flat head. I’ve spoken with the original builder, he pulled the engine from the car before the SR feature in July ’83. I don’t know whether he put the second flathead it had in after that, or sold it without the engine, but at any rate, the car ended up changing hands several times, was in Michigan for at least 10 years in the Detroit area, never finished, and ultimately was parted out and ended up in a guys basement in CT, minus everything. That guy started building a new chassis, had all the stuff pretty much needed aside from an engine and trans. I bought a numpty-rump 283 from a guy building a ’65 Malibu SS, that is going in in place of the flatty. Stay tuned, it’ll be in color soon!

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