Summer’s almost over already?

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How can it be the middle of August already?  Summer just started, and I haven’t gotten anything done!

Actually, that’s not entirely accurate.  The wagon is painted and back to towing duty for the Spartan trailer.  The ’34 roadster is getting there, I’ve solved the hot start flooding issue (fuel boiling in the carbs and flooding) with some Lexan carb base insulators I made.  The turn signal switch wore out in the ’61 T’bird column, I got a new one from Ecklers, but it came with a wire pulled out of the base, so another one is one the way.  I’m hand signaling for now.


The pretty but never-cold-enough Frigidaire in the Spartan, above, was ash-canned in  favor of new apartment size fridge/freezer.  It’s 110 only, but I added an inverter so we can run it battery while traveling if we need to.  Actually, it stays cold all day with the door shut, so I may not need the battery backup.  The photo shows my last ditch effort to make it work by reducing the cabinet size.  That failed.  The gas absorption conversion we had done was an expensive and disappointing failure, but, live and learn.

The T’bird is all blocked out and waiting for the final coat of high-build and a guide coat, my goal is to have it in color by the time snow flies, so I guess it’s on schedule.  The Riv in the background is waiting, but I have all the interior, the engine is in, chassis done, it’s been designated a retirement project.  I did discover that long board sanding is a lot more difficult than it was when I was 35, so, the Riv now looks like a pretty challenging project.  It’ll keep me busy, anyway.


I’ve had a moment of anxiety over a new health issue.  At my annual visit to my cardiologist, last week, an EKG revealed a new right bundle branch block.  In and of itself it doesn’t mean much, but in the context of my ascending aortic aneurysm, aortic valve, mild left ventricular hypertrophy and history of an MI, it’s concerning.  Had an echo yesterday, and await the findings.  My plan is to work until next December, when I’m 65, and retire at that time.  Let’s hope that plan works, as I have a lot of stuff to do.   As it’s asymptomatic, I’m hoping that it doesn’t indicate any new, serious issue.

We’re getting ready for this weekends “Relix Riot” at the Gilmore Museum.  This is our favorite, and now only, summer car show, hosted by our pals in the Relix club from Grand Rapids.  After that, camping at the Yankee Springs State Park, a 2 week Michigan vacation and then the Fall TCT rally, and summer’s officially over.   It goes fast, but I’m trying to beat the the clock!



  1. John says:

    Brian, good to see you at Gilmores, wishing you well with your health issues. Life seems to go fast as we age. Enjoy the rest of the summer. Your projects look great !

  2. ModelT1 says:

    Brian good luck with ALL of your plans. I didn’t realise I could comment. We love your projects and your reports. My wife and family were old car nuts and campers since we first spent the nite together at a lake next to my 1949 Dodge sleeping on grandma’s old cruise ship chairs. ..
    Don’t tell grandma or mom! … Lots of RV’s and lots of vehicles since then. …

    I retired and we headed to Florda for 22 years What an ideal place for car and bike events. I took six of my projects from Illinois to NW Florida and my oldest son drove our ’77 Vette down. I still bought a few cars there and had crazy dreams. Just about the time one was half done I found another. My problem always was, I wanted certain cars and grabbed them as the others sat waiting. …

    Well the waiting continues 24 years later. Heart failure twice, poked a new cataract surgery lens into my eyeball, and old age made it practical to move back to central Illinois near our grown kids and the few ‘car guy’ friends we have left. Damned those high school kids are old! ….
    I more or less gave away more car crap than American Pickers picks in a season. Lost a fortune on some of the old cars, but brought my favorite four back to Illinois. Not sure who will get them back on the road but just owning my ’39 Ford coupe with the GM engine, my favorite ’55 Chevy wagon, and a few others keeps the dream alive.

    Again, good luck and keep on camping when you are not beating on metal r Bondo.

  3. Vic says:

    I hope your health issues get resolved. I really enjoy your blog and the diversity of projects you tackle.

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