New Project!

Posted: July 27, 2020 in Uncategorized

The abandoned ’63 Riviera project has left the building! As soon as we bought the ’52 DeSoto wagon I knew I wasn’t going to have time, or interest, to work on it, and sold it early in March. With the pandemic the buyer couldn’t get over here to pick it up until last weekend, but he finally could, it’s gone. Like any hot-rodder worth his salt, I immediately filled the project void with another car.

This is a ’28/’29 Model A roadster body, fiberglass, that has bounced around West Michigan for several years. A buddy of mine offered it to me as a roller on a TCI Model A chassis a couple of months ago, but I passed as I didn’t want the A chassis, but a ’32. In the meantime, he sold the chassis, and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, happily, almost the same time the Riviera left the building.

It’s a ‘glass body with an original steel firewall, and steel inner fender wells, a buck for a Hallock style split windshield, which I’m going to have cast in aluminum at a local foundry, and have a couple more made to sell. The doors are extended, although the jambs on this body are not, inspired by (supposedly) a famous Model A roadster built in the ’50’s.

I have not been able to find any photos or information on that car, but somebody knows or remembers a purple A roadster with extended doors and I’ll have another piece of the puzzle.

I have the fresh 276 DeSoto Hemi that the wagon gave up for it’s 5.7b swap, and will need a late model transmission, probably a 700R4, and an adaptor from “Hot Heads”. At this time I’m thinking to leave the engine completely stock, although Hot Heads does have 4 bbl intakes for this DeSoto engine.

For a chassis I’ve been looking at “builder” ’32 frames, available as a “you-weld” package for less than $1000, buggy spring front and rear suspension with stuff available from Speedway or other vendors. Of course, I now could use the Ford 8 ” rear I sold a year ago, or even the DeSoto rear I just scrapped, but, there’ll be something out there.

So, the latest distraction at Cool McCool’s Garage is on deck!

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