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My friend Bill McGuire reminded me gently that I hadn’t updated my blog lately.  Indeed it’s been a while, I guess I felt as though I hadn’t gotten anything done worthy of writing about, but several of my hot rodder buddies this weekend at “Relix Riot” told me they don’t know how I get so much done.   So, here’s the latest:

I’ve gotten the counter tops and shelves all banded in aluminum edging done.  It looks great.  Unseen, the dump valves are installed on the grey and black tanks, and the inner door panels are back on.  Kim, my wife, has the curtains done and is starting on the upholstery for the dinette.  

We’ve been busy helping our son and his family with some home improvements in thier new home and moving, and spending quality grandparenting time with our grandson Milo, more important than working on old trailers and cars.  

Taking time out for some fun, we hung out at the Gilmore car museum this weekend with friends at “Relix Riot”, the biggest little car show around.  We got to combine that with some “Milo time” as well, it was a great time despite a wet Saturday afternoon.   Lots of folks attending the show have vintage campers, we combine hot rods and camping, and had a private party after the show with music by the “Moonrays” last night after the clouds departed. 

I guess I do get a lot done.

Using our I-phone, with poor texting skills, we will the photos speak. In no particular order, Summer, 2014…



















Oh no, not THEM again!

Oh no, not THEM again!


Last Thursday, the staff at Cool McCool’s Garage managed to leave work early and head out to the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners for the “Red Barns Spectacular” show, held on Saturday.  Since we here at the shop are getting older, we need a couple of days to gear up, then a day or two to wind down from event, so we wanted to get a head start on the weekends activities.


We’d moved the Spartan in on Wednesday evening after the cruise in at the museum,  had the awning up  and fridge plugged in.  Anxious to begin a weekend of  festivities, we quickly made the first round of cocktails, and watched our friends Jay and Angie, then Butch and Pam roll in and get set up.  As  you can see by the photos, a bad day camping is better than a good day at work…

Let's race...

Let’s race…

This is more like it...

This is more like it…











Jay had been working hard all week preparing his Tiki-Bar, and the results were not disappointing.  The smoking Tiki heads set the mood for the entire weekend.  Now, where’s the TCT Fun Punch?

The Gods have spoken!

The Gods have spoken!

Belly up to the bar!

Belly up to the bar!

In the morning after aspirin and caffeine, Friday was all about kicking back, catching up with friends, and watching the campers roll in.  The grounds are perfect for a leisurely stroll, a bike ride, or just relaxing and catching up with friends.  By evening, there were 25 rigs under the trees, the grills were fired up, the Tiki-bar was smoking, beverages flowed and the party started.

JaKe and Tami's '53 Chev BelAire and Scotty.

JaKe and Tami’s ’53 Chev BelAire and Scotty.

The crowd gets bigger!

The crowd gets bigger!











Saturday morning Jake and Tami introduced us all to turkey cooker omelets, which was such a hit that we’re all going out this week and getting our own turkey fryers.  (We actually have one, but it was lent out and never came home, so a new one is on the “must have” list!)  After breakfast, the days activities were prowling the swap meet for that much-needed item, checking out each others campers, meeting new friends and catching up with old ones.  Over 2,000 cars, and thousands of spectators made the grounds a busy place.


Fixing our omelet.

Fixing our omelet.


Ready to go!

Ready to go!


Boil 13 minutes and eat!

Boil 13 minutes and eat!

Breakfast is ready!

Breakfast is ready!

After breakfast, time to check out all the trailers and cars…





Longroof alley.

Longroof alley.






Beautiful GMC coach, owned a totol of 4 hours!  On it's maiden voyage with it's new owners from Traverse City, to Gilmore, then back to Wisconsin on the Badger.

Beautiful GMC coach, owned a total of 4 hours! On its maiden voyage with its new owners from Traverse City, to Gilmore, then back to Wisconsin on the Badger.


This only gets 30 mpg.  Cross country trip, anyone?

This only gets 30 mpg. Cross country trip, anyone?







Tini-Home,  big fun.

Tini-Home, big fun.


After a long day in the sun, once again the Tiki-bar was put into action, and the good times rolled.  We had a chance to play a little harp with Butch’s brother-in-law, a very talented musician whose guitar work more than made up for our lack of skill on the harp…


More cowbell...

More cowbell…


Sunday morning another omelet festival, and it was time to pack up and make the long journey back home.  If it were any further than 2 miles, I think we’d still be there recovering.   Jay and Angie left their  Airstream at our place, and will be back in two weeks for the “Relix Riot” show at the museum, so we’re baby-sitting for them.  I just plugged our Spartan in the yard, turned the fridge back on and collapsed.  Hopefully I can rest up enough at work to be ready for the Riot, and get the trailer re-loaded for the next high-octane weekend!


Angie gets her omelet on.

Angie gets her omelet on.

Breaking camp.

Breaking camp.

Lets see if this photo ends up shared as much as the wagon and Spartan!

Lets see if this photo ends up shared as much as the wagon and Spartan!

Rolling past the new Lincoln museum.

Rolling past the new Lincoln museum.

The Cadillac building, as seen through the Cadillac of trucks windshield.

The Cadillac building, as seen through the Cadillac of trucks windshield.


So, that’s it for now.  In two weeks it’s the Relix Riot, we hope to get the Riviera’s home by then (have I mentioned the two ’63 Riv’s soon to arrive at Cool McCool’s Garage?), the motor home still needs to get dismantled, so there are lots going here.   Stay tuned for more updates, and news as it happens!





DSC02091 (1024x768)You, faithful reader, may have noticed that it’s been awhile since there’s been an update here at “Cool McCool’s Garage”, and you’re right.  It HAS been awhile, almost a month.  There’s been lots of activity here, lot’s of new stuff, some of the old is gone, and there’s been some well deserved R & R.   We’re feeling a little guilty about not keeping up, so we’ll try to catch up with  a little recap of the past few weeks activities…

The second weekend of August found the staff of “Cool McCool’s Garage” at the third “Relix Riot” at the Gilmore Car Museum right in our own back yard.  In addition to seeing all our friends, some of the coolest traditional hot rods and customs in the mid-west, we were surprized and thrilled to have the ’51 Pontiac Tin Woody chosen as “Coolest Surf Wagon”.  It’s not a “judged” show, the awards are chosen by the guys in the Relix car club on the basis of what they think is cool.  That they picked our work-horse wagon, hauling the Spartan, really means a lot.  Plus, a totally cool vintage board, complete with shark-bit marks, was the trophy, a great addition to the shop wall!  It really means a lot, thanks guys.

Here’s a little snap-shot of some of the other great cars there this year…

The weather was perfect, the cars are first-rate.  There’s huge competition for attendance at the show, as the Woodward Cruise is the same weekend, but to have the chance to hang with our friends from the Relix, camping on the grounds, seeing over 300 seriously cool hot rods at the Gilmore sure beats being stuck in traffic on Woodward, paying $50 to park, don’t you think?

From the Riot, we went directly to the state park at Gun Lake for two weeks.  This was a “working” vacation, as we, the staff here at “Cool McCool’s” had to all go back and forth to our day jobs.  That didn’t mean we didn’t have a great time.  Being there mid-week meant that we had 3 or 4 days of an almost deserted campground before it started to fill up for the Holiday (Labor Day) weekend crowd.  We did some “chill’n and grill’n”, enjoyed cocktail hour daily (sometimes starting at noon or before!).   We had the Chris Craft out, had some great moonlight rides, did some skiing and wake-surfing, and just idling around the lake-shore.  We were also treated to the company of our  friends Kirk and Donnell of “Crafty B” fame, joining us in there newly polished Airstream Land Yacht.  It was two weeks of fun, family and friends, and left little time for keeping up the web-site.

Here are some pics of the two-week stay.  We’re sure you’ll see why we had no time, or inclination, to set down at the keyboard!

So, this gets us up to Labor Day, and the need to get back to the real world.  We’ve been working hard having fun, and in fact just spent this past weekend camping at the Fort Custer State Park in Augusta.  The Spartan is unpacked, and awaiting a thorough clean up before we head over to Milford for the Tin Can Tourist Fall Meet at Milford in two weeks.  Meanwhile, the Nats North is next weekend in Kalamazoo, and there’s big news about the Cool McCool’s Garage stable of cars to report, but we’ll save that for another days news.

Meanwhile, the shop watch-dog Ari, is on duty, and there’s work to be done.  Stay tuned!


My buddy Mark DeRykes killer Model A coupe!

 This  show, while not the biggest, is certainly one of, if not THE best car show in the country.  The venue (the Gilmore Car Museum) is outstanding, the host club is gracious, the entertainment was unexpected and great (as in “What are YOU doing here?) and the cars they attract are top-notch.  Moving the event up to this August date (the weekend formerly held by the “Rod Benders” for the Elvis Memorial show) is certainly better than the last weekend in September, so it has to be the fact that the Dream Cruise, and several other big, established shows were also last weekend.   Of course, I don’t know what the financial end looked like, there was a pretty large spectator crowd, and success isn’t always measured in numbers. Maybe the Relix club doesn’t want it any bigger, so doesn’t go the way of the “Hunnert Car Pile-up” and some other big shows that grew so large, so fast, that they got out of control and lost the vibe that made them great initially. 

Anyway, enough of that, here are some pics of what we liked, and never mind that some are of course going to be of our stuff, because for us, having our stuff there is the fun of it all!

Dorr Johnson's coupe, soon to be seen in "Street Rodder"!Jake's pickup and chopped Chebbie.Just your usual campground rolling stock...

JokerRR's Model A, which somehow ended up in my trailer!


These would look nice if they'd lower 'em a little...


I told you our stuff would be in here!


Oh yeah...


Diners and Hot Rods just go together.


Friday night's entertainment was, um, hot!Yikes!



She should have won the pin-up contest!

This months “Hot Rod” cover car.I could probably learn to do this…

I could probably learn to do this...

Crafty B’s MacDaddy Caddy, all better now.

Traditonal, but with a modern touch. Very classy.


Perfect.Why she didn't win the Pin-up contest, I don't know.


Kim and Donnell, just kick'n it.


Man, that girl could SING! Acoustic set Sat. afternoon after the power went out, and the rain stopped.

When the Relix hires entertainment, they don't mess around!


Until next year, So Long!

TA DA! That's all folks!