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One of my Facebook friends, actually a family member, posted earlier today how sad she was for America today, and how she couldn’t understand how the re-election of Barack Obama, who had the endorsement of the communist party (evidently she still thinks it’s 60’s and we’re still in the cold war) could possibly lead to people celebrating in the streets.  “A sad day…” she said.

Some of her FB friends enthusiastically agreed, and went on to postulate this election signalled the End of Days, that they were preparing for Christs imminent return, and that they feared for their children’s and grand children’s futures. 

Really?  Obama is the Anti-Christ?  I did think I heard, standing in line to vote, a distant rumble, but that seemed to be the 47% Mitt Romney so casually dismissed, marching in to vote, not the Four Horsemen.

First, if we are going to be witness to the second coming of Christ, isn’t their, and presumably, their children and grandchildren, futures considerably brighter?  Assuming of course that they REALLY are on the side of the righteous.  In that case, they’re all going to be whisked up to heaven, where ther is no politics.  Or beer, if the polka song is right.

Second, couldn’t we argue that the results of the election IS IN FACT  Gods Will?  I mean, if some crack-pot tea party senator can argue that a rape victims pregnancy is “Gods Will” (that he was soundly defeated DOES seem to be God’s Will), wouldn’t a free election, by the citizens of the greatest country on earth,  also fit into His  plan?  And, if it’s Gods Will, wouldn’t that itself be cause for celebration and some dancing in the streets? What makes them so sure that their political view is God’s Plan?

I feel pretty good knowing that the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Carl Rove et al, spent BILLIONS in their attempt to buy the election, and the country, and got their hats handed to them by a public that managed to see beyond the  obscene amount of money they threw away.  Money well spent, I say, it certainly helped stimulate the economy for a time.  I got my vote, donated only $5, and got a winning result!  Much better return on investment!

Here in Michigan, Matty Moroun, the owner of the bridge to Canada from Detroit, lost his bid to amend the state’s constitution to favor his personal fortune.  Not one, but TWO amendments he shoved onto the ballot went down in flames.  He reportedly spent upwards of 15 million dollars for this defeat.  My only regret is that he, Adelson, the Kochs, Rove, and the lot didn’t bankrupt themselves spending every nickel they had on the failed Romney bid for the White House, and their corrupt business endeavours.  Sadly, none of those guys will  probably miss the money, but it does seem to be cause for a little celebration in the streets.  There’s always 2016, they can start saving now.