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DSC04377 (1024x768)I’ve spent the last two days on the couch, another cold, which seemed worse than it probably was because it got cold and snowed again.   Todays project,  after a morning in front of the window soaking up sunshine, get the front blinker/park lights wired up on the Diamond T.  This required a trip to Auto-Zone to get some replacement bulb sockets for dual element bulbs, as the originals were the tiny, single element lights.  The lights BARELY fit under the lenses, but I got ’em in.  I’m still deciding if I want cab marker lights, now’s the time to get them if I’m going to run them, as the windshield header panel I hope to paint next week or the week after, which will totally wrap up the big stuff.

Todays other progress was getting the engine mounts bolted in.   If you think I should have done that earlier, you’re right.  These are Corvette mounts, a big rubber biscuit on an aluminum strut that bolts to the engine.  Sort of like a flathead Ford mount, only instead of a through bolt, the biscuit has a stud on each side.  These of course are metric, which required a trip to the hardware store to find the right thread.  Turns out 12mmx1.75, which is close enough to 1/2″ coarse that I ran a tap through nuts from my bolt drawer and used them.

So, lights, DONE.  Engine mounts, DONE.  Next project, go around and make sure every nut and bolt underneath is tightened, as I have a tendency to just put things together finger tight, thinking I’ll remember to go back to tighten them later, which sometimes doesn’t happen.  And put grease zerks on the lower ball joints, which somehow got missed on the front end assembly.  Then, the nerve-wracking and tedious job of polishing the paint.  It’s easy to ruin a paint job with a buffer, I’m going to get a lesson from my friend Dave Griffoen, who knows a thing or two about paint.  Then, I guess there’s nothing left to do but put antifreeze and gas in it, and drive it to “Muffler Man”, for an exhaust system and shakedown run.

For now however, setting in a lawn chair in the shop in front of the stove with a beer, admiring my work was my reward!

DSC04380 (1024x768)DSC04375 (1024x768)

How many guys use a chopped T’Bird as work bench?