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The hood isn’t on yet, nor the floor installed in back of the seat, but the new radiators are in, the system is filled, burped, and topped off.  Idling in the shop, it now runs cool enough that the fans will cycle on, then shut off.  Lets hope this bodes well driving it in the heat, as we’re headed for Indy and the Goodguys show there in a couple of weeks. 

The core is thicker than the original Mustang radiator, but the water pump pulley still clears the front fan.  By about 3/8’s  of an inch.  I had to trim the shrouds on the new rear fans a little to tuck them under the lip of the brace under the floor, but they clear fine now. 

The new position of the rear radiator will keep it out of harms way, and the rear axle upper control arms, the cause of the demise of the orignal one.  Actually, I’m sort of glad it happened when and where it did.  Could have been REAL inconvenient.

So,  our son Craig will be home tonight from Las Vegas, and we’ll put the hood on tomorrow so we can go for a little cruise.   I’m excited to have the car back together so he and I can go for a ride while he’s here, it’ll be fun. 

Now, the hard part is cleaning up the shop of spilled coolant.  Hopefully some of the Red Squirrels which have moved into the attic will lap the spill…

Untill next time,